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Best Freelance Websites to Find Skilled Contractors for custom developer jobs


Toptal’s approach makes it a definite outlier compared to conventional platforms, as it’s geared towards custom-matching vetted, senior software engineers to clients with serious, compelling tech projects. Toptal is highly selective about its freelancers (roughly 3% acceptance rate), and offers a no-risk trial period on every engagement. Toptal’s impressive client list speaks for itself (Airbnb, J.P. Morgan, Zendesk, and more).


With an escrow system that allows you to authorize payment releases once milestones are hit, offers an enormous pool of freelancers for everything from legal work to finance and management (including a few hundred thousand software developers).


With a membership program and a complimentary “Work Room” where you can oversee progress, define milestones, etc., Guru is a great option if you find yourself constantly in need of help on miscellaneous small jobs.


Freelancer is awesome for small businesses, and with over 15 million users, you’re sure to have hundreds of proposals from eager freelancers to compare in no time. It also allows you to post projects as contests and review large volumes of submissions while only paying for the one you like most.

In addition to its large talent pool, is an open platform, so you can also find employees on other sites and use its services to handle billing, time tracking, etc. Unlike the other platforms here, it’s geared more towards full-time engagements.


If you need an on-site freelancer, Craigslist is a great way to find freelance talent in your community. Although you might have to read through a large volume of resumes, posting a job is inexpensive, and you can include specific application instructions to help weed out people who just apply to jobs at random.